Membership Application

Existing CREW members do not have to re-submit a member form and resume. Please select member classification payment option to renew your annual membership.


Apply for Membership:


Click and Download this PDF file – CREW Network Member Data Sheet

Please fill out the form on your computer. If you have a current “PDF editor”. If not, please print and fill out the form manually.


Once completed, please upload your member form along with a current resume.

* A current resume that supports your application, including, as applicable, your involvement in commercial real estate, your professional responsibilities and the number of years you have been involved in the commercial real estate industry is required. A resume may be waived by the Board of Directors based on a director’s personal knowledge of applicant’s qualifications.


    After submitting your form and resume, please send payment.

    Once your application has been reviewed and membership granted, you will receive an invoice for the fee.

    If you are having difficulties applying or have other questions about membership please contact our Membership Committee – Emily Byrd and/or Lyndsy Yim.

    Active Member

    Active Member 
    Mid-Year Rate: $175
    (Normally $350.00)

    Candidate Member

    Candidate Member Classification
    Mid-Year Rate: $175
    (Normally $350.00)

    Affiliate Member

    Affiliate Member Classification
    Mid-Year Rate: $360
    (Normally $520.00)

    Graduate Student

    Graduate Student
    Mid-Year Rate: $120
    (Normally $210.00)

    Undergraduate Student

    Undergraduate Student

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